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SABUSA Polish Interior and Exterior for car 500ml
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Sell SABUSA Polish Interior and Exterior for car 500ml

Specification of SABUSA Polish Interior and Exterior for car 500ml

If you need a product for dressing or protection and re-blackening plastic parts, and rubber, use SABUSA Semir Interior & Car Exterior [500 mL] is a vehicle maintenance that can be used for:Provides tire protection to keep it shiny black
Provides protection on the interior of the car and returns the color to be more sparkling (Dashboard, Backleading, Dorrtrim, Synthetic Leather Seat)
Burn the car engine parts
Long Lasting, prove yourself and compare with other products
Waterbase Technology
Natural Gloss and Transparent
previously need to know SABUSA Semir interior & exterior are polish that is liquid, not thick polish in general, liquid properties are specially formulated for polish interior parts and car engines as well, because it is liquid, the polish is not sticky when applied to interior parts and car engines so dust doesn't stick easily.NOTE:Do not be fooled by polish with CHEAP prices that are greasy sticky so that the dust will be easier to stick to and short durability. The greasy sticky polish cannot be applied for dressing on the interior and engine parts of the car. The oily sticky polish properties when applied to the tire parts of the car will also not seep and perfectly cover the rubber pores of the tire, even the customer at the salon who complains when the greasy sticky polish is gone is exposed to the tires of the car becoming black as usual. Be a selective buyer prioritizing quality, not price.SABUSA Premium Tire Pengkilap

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