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Sabusa Interior & Eksterior Polish
Sabusa Interior & Eksterior Polish
Sabusa Interior & Eksterior Polish
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Specification of Sabusa Interior & Eksterior Polish

Sabusa Semir Interior & Exterior


Make the vehicle you care about again as new, starting from the engine that is back shiny, the body color returns bright, to the clean dashboard. Don't forget after returning like new, protect your vehicle from weather that can damage your vehicle. Semir Interior & Exterior Sabusa is the right choice to make your vehicle as new as possible while protecting it. With the composition of quality ingredients and specially formulated to protect your vehicle, making it a product with premium quality. Your Vehicle Can Be A Mirror Of Your Personality Polish Interior and Exterior of Sabusa Size: 1 Liter Can be used for: • Provides tire protection to keep it shiny black. • Provides protection on the interior of the car and returns the color to be more sparkling (For Dashboards, Backleading, Doortrim, and Interior parts for Rubber and other plastics). • Smear the car's engine parts. • Polish for motorbikes (tires, spare parts, steering wheel, etc.) • Long-lasting gloss, prove it yourself and compare with other products. NOTE Previously, we need to know the Car Body Polishing polish that we sell is polish that is liquid, not thick polish in general, specially formulated liquid properties CAN and SAFE for polish interior parts and car engines, because it is liquid, the polish is not sticky when applied to the interior and the engine of the car so that dust and other impurities are not easily attached. How to Blacken the Tires of a Slebor Motorcycle Fender with a SEMI INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SABUS:



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