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SABUSA Quick Sealant Shield 250ml
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Specification of SABUSA Quick Sealant Shield 250ml


SABUSA Spray Quick Car Paint Protective Sealant Shield [250 mL] is a protective and paint polish vehicle that can be used for car, motorcycle, helmet and sealant paints to give a shiny and shiny appearance, and can provide protection from UV rays. Can last up to 3 months. Advantages: + Paint Protection + High Gloss + Super Hydrophobic Instructions for use: 1. Shake it first 2. Clean the Surface Using SABUSA Shampoo 3. Evenly spray into the surface of the car paint, motorbike, your helmet to taste 4. Wipe with Microfiber to Shiny and Slippery Surface (preferably using SABUSA Microfiber Exterior) 5. Leave it - + 30 minutes for drying

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