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Sabusa waterspot & Crust Remover
Sabusa waterspot & Crust Remover
Sabusa waterspot & Crust Remover
Sabusa waterspot & Crust Remover
Sabusa waterspot & Crust Remover
Sabusa waterspot & Crust Remover
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09 Dec 2020
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Specification of Sabusa waterspot & Crust Remover

Sabusa Waterspot & Crust Rinse Remover

Ready-made medicines for your car care.
SIZE: 1 Liter

Can be used for:
• Cleaning of glass mushrooms
• Cleaning the body fungus
• Cleaning the crust on the car
• Cleaning the car wheels
Product excellence:
• Unlike a commonly sold mushroom remover that simply removes mushrooms and crusts on the glass or car body, the sabo product also simultaneously polishes the glass and body of your car and provides active protection from mold and crust. Enriched also with Premium Polymer to protect the paint and keep the car's luster clear.
• Sabusa products do not erode the coating of glass and paint because NOT SCRUB WHERE the way mushroom medicinal work is scrub in cleaning the mushrooms also erode the coat of paint and surface glass.
• No Need in rubbing that even make your car scuffed, the use is very easy and fast.
• For Best Results Use SABUSA Microfiber for exterior detailing for body, and Microfiber Glass Cloth Special Glass. Beware of the use of Car Lap carelessly will even cause beret on the part of your car.
• Like Car Body Body Gloss this product is a ready-made product, so customers do not have to bother mixing with other materials.
• Safe for glass
• Safe for glass, paint, and rubber on the car.
• Can be used for all types of cars.
• Can be used to clean other glass mushrooms, such as mirror glass in bathroom, etc.
• Can be used to clean the crust on the car logo, wheels, and crust on the bathroom or crust on the glass of the house.
• Many purchases for car workshops or salons are cheaper, contact us further.
• The agent price is cheaper, if interested to become agent of sabusa product immediately contact further.
• Each purchase will get product usage instructions.

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