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SABUSA All Wheel & Tire Cleaner 250ml
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Specification of SABUSA All Wheel & Tire Cleaner 250ml


SABUSA All Wheel & Tire Cleaner Car & Motorcycle Wheel Cleaner [250 mL] is a wheel and tire cleaning fluid on your vehicle and an oxidation remover caused by dust iron (iron) remnants of brake lining, burning of vehicle / factory fumes and others attached on your vehicle. Wheel Cleaner can be used to clean wheels and crust that stick to the rim of the wheel emblem. - Wheel and tire cleaners are safe for all types of wheels and tires. -Safe on all wheels -Eliminate dirt and brake dust -Quick & easy to use Instructions for use: 1. Spray the all wheel & tire cleaner on the entire tire and alloy wheel evenly at a distance of 6-8 inches 2. Leave the product for - + 30 seconds so that the product penetrates with oxidation 3. Clean with a soft brush or sponge the entire surface of the wheels and tires 4. Rinse using clean water and dry it with a sabusa microfiber cloth

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