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SABUSA Glass Cleaner & Protection 250ml
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Specification of SABUSA Glass Cleaner & Protection 250ml


SABUSA Glass Cleaner & Protection Car Glass Cleaner [250 mL] is a specially formulated car glass cleaner from quality materials to provide crystal clear visibility on the glass of your car for a safer ride. Very effective in cleaning glass from mild oxidation with the end result having a hydrophobic effect on glass (water over taro leaves). Can clean glass from mild oxidation such as dust, oil, mud, insects that are still in a few days (not long ago). Makes the glass cleaner, clearer and further visibility. Glass cleaners and protectors with hydrophobic effects (water over taro leaves) can be used as well as safe for all types of glass (both vehicle glass and home and other building glass). Advantages: -Clean and protect in one step -Just spray and wipe -Non Toxic, ammonia free, and acid free. -Hydrophobic finish -Savety Vision. Instructions for use: 1. work in the shade. 2. Spray to the glass surface evenly (the amount depends on how much dirt on the glass) 3. Wipe with SABUSA microfiber exterior until the surface is clean and dry. The final stage of darkening is recommended using sabusa microfiber glass cloth

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