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SABUSA Interior Cleaner 500ml
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Specification of SABUSA Interior Cleaner 500ml


Dashboard Cleaners, Ceiling, Upholstery, Backleading, Doortrim, Shofa, Car Cabin Interior 500ml SABUSA Car Interior. Sabusa Car Interior Cleanser [500 mL] is a versatile cleaning fluid that contains a micro scrub cleaner so it is very easy to use and able to clean up with the entire interior of your car very cleanly. Safe for paint, plastic, fabric and rubber. Sabusa interior cleaner can be used for: -Clean the Dashboard -Cleaning backleading -Clean Doortrim -Clean the Car Carpet Base -Cleaning Velvet / Plastic Ceiling -Clean leather / synthetic car seats and other car interiors -Clean the other seats, such as on the shofa house and on the motorcycle seat Product Advantages: -Sabusa product with super micro scrub so that it cleans the hard-to-clean area quickly. -Sabusa product with cooling technology so it's safe to use to clean the interior even though your car's interior is hot. (does not cause breakage in rubber / plastic parts when cleaning in hot conditions) Suggestions for Use: For best results use SABUSA microfiber scrubber wipe for wiping. After the surface of your car's interior is clean it is highly recommended to use interior & exterior sabusa polish for dressings giving protection to your car's interior, such as on the dashboard, leather / synthetic seats and plastic interior surfaces. Multipurpose cleaning liquid Contains super micro scrub cleaner Easy to use and able to clean with a maximum of the entire interior of your car very clean Safe for the entire interior of your car Volume: 500 mL

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