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SABUSA Waterspot & Crust Remover 500ml
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08 May 2020
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SABUSA Waterspot & Crust Remover [500 mL] is a fungus and crust cleaning liquid that functions to clean glass mushrooms, clean the mushroom body and clean the crust. The use is sufficiently brushed and directly wiped, for maximum results use the sabusa microfiber lap for exterior detailing for the first wiping on the glass and car body, then specifically for the finishing glass using sabusa microfiber glass cloth (especially glass), after the mushrooms in the glass and body are already Clean is highly recommended to provide protection with Sabusa quick wax & amp; amp; protection so that fungi and crust do not easily reappear. Product excellence : Remove mold and crust on the glass or body of the car It is also enriched with Premium Polymer to protect paint and keep the car's gloss clear Not scrub so it does not erode glass or paint and does not cause scratches. Note: Use in the rear view mirror must be careful, do not let the drug into the inside of the rearview mirror through the edge of the glass. Just a little for the rearview mirror. Use is very easy, just brushed, then immediately wiped (there is no lag), the wiping must be completely dry, may be moist with the kanebo at the beginning, but the finishing is mandatory with a microfiber cloth to dry completely.

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