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Sabusa Detailing Indonesia (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Sabusa Detailing Indonesia is a business engaged in the field of cleaner and detailing that provides products and vehicle maintenance services. Sabusa branded products are intended for car, motorcycle and helmet maintenance.
Sabusa has three products, namely cleaning, protection and maintenance. We also provide microfiber cloths that are specifically for vehicles. Cleaners are used to clean mold and glass body crust, car interior cleaners, car engine cleaners and others.
One of our flagship products is Waterspot & Crust Remover, which is a fungus and crust cleaning liquid that functions to clean mold on the glass, body and is able to lift the crust. The method of use is simply brushed and immediately wiped on the part you want to clean. Waterspot & Crust Remover enriched with Premium Polymer which serves to protect paint and keep the car's gloss clear. Its nature is not a scrub so it is safe for cars without eroding glass, paint or leaving beret.
Sabusa is an authentic Indonesian product and is definitely safe in all types of vehicles both cars, motorbikes and also safe if used for helmet care.


Sabusa Detailing Indonesia merupakan usaha yang bergerak di bidang cleaner dan detailing yang menyediakan produk serta jasa perawatan kendaraan. Kami menyediakan berbagai produk-produk seperti: 
*) Pembersih Interior Mobil
*) Pembersih Mesin Mobil & Blok Mesin Motor
*) Pembersih Jamur & Kerak Mobil
*) Pembersih Mesin & Penghilang Gemuk Untuk Mobil
*) Shampo Wash & Wax Untuk Mobil & Motor
*) Semir Interior & Eksterior
*) Shampo Mobil, Motor & Helm
*) Shampo Cuci Salju
*) Pembersih Eksterior Tanpa Air Untuk Mobil, Motor & Helm
*) Lab Microfiber Mobil
Dan masih banyak produk-produk kami yang lain. 



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